bogeyman (schwarzer Mann) - performance in public space

June, 13th 2013, 13:30 h @pedestrian zone, downtown, Munich

A black man - a mere shadow - face hidden behind a mask - walking through the crowded streets on a sunny day...

Every culture has an amorphous imaginary being, with wich parents frighten their children into comliant behaviour. Known as "Bogeyman" in English speaking countries, in Germany he is the "black man" (der "Schwarze Mann"). This image seems to live on in the grown up's mind.

Yet nobody has ever seen this figure. What happens if it becomes real. A figure in the silhouette of a black man that moves through the streets? A mere shadow. No skin visible...

urban absurdity have set themselves the task to create situations in everyday life that break conventions or leave a small crack in perceived reality, but only on the second look. These actions have no other purpose than altering reality for a short time. They are not meant to be political or social statement or protest.

Get an impression of the performance above. © images: Lydia Starkulla

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Thanks to Lydia Starkulla for her support, being the participating spectator and taking photos/ making the video.