Former performances with Tom Tiller


250 Euro

June, 20th 2015 ,15:00 h @Säulenhalle, Arnulfstraße 62, Munich

A performance around money and its (personal) value

Draußen im August

August 2014 in various puplic spots in Berlin

An experimental street performance project with musicians and performers who haven't met before...

Performance @Neujahrsempfang des Kunstforums Rosenheim

February the 3rd 2014, 20:00 @Städtsiche Gallerie Rosenheim

Gesellschaft für Unvorhergesehenes with friends: Music and Performance Impro with Sacha Anema, Roland HH Biswurm, Sabine Karb, Stefan Knoll, Tom Tiller, Susie Wimmer, Max Windholz

Performances by participants of the action theatre advanced course with sten rustrom

October, 25th/ 26th 2013, Munich

Six days of intemsive Action Theater Training are the ground for an evening of improv performances.

man carries heart barefoot

August, 23rd 2013, around 15:45 h, Planufer 92 a, Berlin

A man walking down the street with a heart in his hand. He is barefoot...

bogeyman (schwarzer Mann) - performance in public space

June, 13th 2013, 13:30 h @pedestrian zone, downtown, Munich

A black man - a mere shadow - face hidden behind a mask - walking through the crowded streets on a sunny day...